As you contemplate building a new home, renovation or addition, the following are just a few lifestyle questions that may help you determine what you should take into consideration when developing your plan:

• Where does your family spend the most time?

• How important is a formal dining room?

• How much entertaining does your family do?

• Is your bedroom a place to sleep or your own private get-away?

• Do you work out of your home and need an office?

• Should a media centre be incorporated into the plan?

• What do you dislike about the house you're now living in?

• What do you love about it?

• How many rooms will satisfy your needs?

• Will there be a handicapped person who might be living with you at some point?

• Do you have kids?

• Where do you spend your time in the evenings?

• Is there a gourmet cook in the family?

• How often do you use the dining room?

• Where do the kids play?

Bice Builders will help you develop a plan that is designed to meet your family's lifestyle and life-stage needs, and we'll tweak it to perfection. Our design team will work with you to determine what your home will look like, having regard to window placement, natural light, topography of the lot, layout and size, to name a few.

Once these important details have been compiled, we essentially have a 'road map' to develop the home of your dreams.